Great Crusade

Great Crusade

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Holidays, Podcast and WAAAAGHHH!

Hey Everyone,

Just your General’s here to talk about a few things before the holidays. First off I was a on podcast done by my friend where I was a guest talking about general hobby stuff. I also finally have some pictures of General Havoc’s Imperial Fists. Lastly have a joint project me and Havoc are going to start that will probably take the next 2 years. So lets get to it and check out a few things.
Wrong Side of the Maelstrom
So I had the pleasure of being a guest on my good buddy Ian’s podcast, Wrong Side of the Maelstrom. It’s a General Gaming Podcast with a focus on Warhammer 40k gaming and its branching off into other games. It was really fun to get into and I enjoyed the segment and you can check it out the podcast I was on here . In addition you can check them out on their facebook page at . So hope you enjoy this new podcast and will see you on the Wrong Side of the Maelstrom.

As the title suggests Havoc and I would like to present one of our projects we will be working on, the ORKS!. We are going to be creating a green WAAAAGH! To be used as an adversary force against are legion forces. This is part of the narrative we want to build and we want a general force we can use in campaigns and for random battle reports. This is one of our goals we want for the blog and I think it's going in the right direction.
So the primary design is pretty much to get a lot of bodies and Boys in this as possible. Despite being a first draft we really want this is be a nice force that is roughly about 5000 points so we can have both our legions fight it. The other thing is it's just designed to be a fluffy fun army representing 2 war bands and we may expand from here. Lets get to the design list and see how this goes. Now as a disclaimer this is subject to change depending on how our army budgets go.
General Soban’s Goals.
So before I got into the Heresy I lucked out and bought a ok amount of orks and this influenced my portion of the army design. The army focus around anything that would either be a walker or a boy unit that would charge into combat.
Warboss – Heavy Armour PowerKlaw and Bosspole
Mek – Just basic mek
Painboy – Basic Pain boy who fellows the boys
Nobs – Heavy Armour and one nob with a power claw and bosspole.
Boy Squad – 20 Boys with a Nob with Power Claw and Boss Pole
Boy Squad – 20 Boys with a Nob with Power Claw and Boss Pole
Boy Squad – 20 Boys with shoota’s and 2 Big Shootas
Boy Squad – 20 Boys with shoota’s and 2 Big Shootas
Gretchin Squad – 10 Gretchin with 1 Nerf Herder
Gretchin Squad – 10 Gretchin with 1 Nerf Herder
Killa Kan Squad – 5 Killa Kans
Killa Kan Squad – 5 Killa Kans
Killa Kan Squad – 5 Killa Kans
Dakka Jet – with supashoota
So as you can see its 80 orks with a body guard unit and just a bunch of Killa Kans. Pretty much its all the Killa Kans run first with the boys charging in behind it. I think this is will be a fun army and will be a fun project to work on.
General Havoc’s Orks
Hey Havoc here just want to talk about my orks and I have a slight change compared to my fellow generals' list. So my is focus is on getting more boys and having my main warboss just rocking a killer ride and showing off he is the biggest meanest warboss ever to walk. I will also be focusing on more boys per units and I really want to max them out. Last there's not going to be much else in the list.
Warboss – Mega Armour, Cybog Body, Boss Pole
Warboss- Heavy Armour,
Mega Armour Nobs- 9 mega armour nobs 1 with a boss pole.
Boys- 30 boys with a Nob with Power Claw and Boss Pole
Boys- 30 boys with a Nob with Power Claw and Boss Pole
Boys- 30 Boys with Shootas and 2 Big Shoota. Nob with a Big Shoota and Boss Pole
Storm Boys – 16 boys with a Nob with boss pole and big choppa
Dakka Jet- Supa Shoota
So with this army its just a lot of boys charging in with the Warboss and his Nobs rocking in the Stompa. The Storm Boys will hopefully be able to outflank rushing up a flank while the main force slugs it out with the other side. Its not the best build but I hope I have enough bodies to carry across and get into close combat.
So here we have the ork project, one we are hoping to work on the side with our legions that one day we can go against. I hope you like this and we know they're not competitive but we still want to hear what you think of this large ork army and anything you think we may want to add/change. Looking forward to what people post below.
Imperial Fist
So we finally have some more pictures of General Havocs Imperial Fists. So his force is built very much as an infantry force with a few support vehicles. It is also backed up by a large amount of terminators with a thunderhammer/storm shield set up to take advantage of the Imperial Fist Rite of War. Last thing is that Havoc will keep building it up, alongside his Imperial Fists he is looking to get some defense works and some better anti tank options to follow up with his infantry. Lets get to the pictures.

So we have another new project on our plate and we were able to have some new fun. I do hope you check out my friends podcast and like the content since it was a blast to record.  We also hope you like the pictures and we appreciate any feedback you can give us as we try new things and get more people to help us out. Just keep posting either on the comments section or on the website you may be viewing our blog.
From both Havoc and myself,  We wish you a Happy Holidays! Whatever your holiday is we hope you fully enjoy it with friends and family and as always be safe out there. Lastly even if you don’t celebrate anything this time of year we hope you enjoyed our blog and hope you enjoy some amazing war gaming.
Till Next time,
Your Generals

Monday, 14 December 2015

World Eaters!

Hey Everyone,
So Havoc and I here with another update and projects plans for General Havoc’s World Eaters. This is going to be a neat project for Havoc and his a nice contrast to his Imperial Fists and my Luna Wolves.
The project it self
The initial part of the force will be  heavy infantry with a lot of it being supplied by the new Battle of Calth set. The Main focus of the army will be closing in on the enemy and engaging at point blank range. This will be followed up eventually by some drop pods. This will be really cool and fits with the fluff on the army but let’s get to the list itself.
Praetor – Terminator Armour, Chain Fist, Combi Weapons.
Consul Chaplin – Power Mace, Plasma Pistol
Veteran Tactical Squad – 10 Marines with Flamer.
Terminators – 10 Termintors, Lighting claws
Tactical Squad – 20 Marines, Bolters, Chain Axes, Vexilla
Tactical Squad – 20 Marines, Bolters, Chain Axes, Vexilla
Tactical Support Squad – 10 Marines, Plasma Guns
Tactical Support Squad – 10 Marines, Melta Guns
So from this force we have a very heavy combat force that focuses on close quarters. Only down side is trying to get to the close quarters but eventually this will be augmented by droppods and other drop abilities. This is a very cool force and am excited to see how Havoc pulls this fluffy force.
As always hope you enjoyed this project report and curious what you post below.
You’re General’s
Signing off till next time

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wolves and new beginings!

Hey Everyone,
So it’s been a long wait but I have some fun and exciting info coming up and some new things that are going to be in place for the blog coming up. Some exciting news is regarding new material and new project plans.

New Member
So first thing that is up is my good buddy General Havoc is going to be helping me out with the blog. He will be adding content as well, being my partner in crime for the heresy experience. A recent player in both 40k and 30k he started out about a year ago taking his first steps as Imperial Fist player and will soon be working on his second legion, the World Eaters. I think this is going to be very interesting since he has a both a defensive army and one that is going to focus completely on the assault.
Now according to Havoc he is going to be almost done fully painting his Imperial Fists and when he does we are going to do the full army post up here so you can get a change-up. This heavy infantry army is going to be cool to see and we both hope you enjoy it when it’s up.
So have both good news and bad news on this front for the narrative campaign. First is the main campaign that I want to be worldwide is going to be pushed back abit while I wait for a few local gamers to purchase and paint up some minis since the Battle of Calth set was a big hit locally. Now this is not the end of the campaign and will be next year for a worldwide campaign. On a bright note I will be doing a fun narrative one with Jesse hopefully posting the first battle report next week if everything goes well having the brave 14th Company of Luna Wolves going against his Imperial Fists in a series of grudge matches for some fun and entertainment.
Luna Wolves
So as promised I finally got update photos of both the company as well as some additions to the army that I’ve been dying to show off. A good friend of mine was able to take a photo of the entire army minus the Storm Talon.

As you can see it really is shaping up to be an armor spear tip which fits with the narrative and idea I thought about for my legion. The army has a lot of things I want so far for the legion, with speed and fire power being pretty fierce and a slow grow of good dedicated anti tank. This is backed up by a very stable assault force which am finding the 16th Legion shines at. I think there's more I'm going to add to the legion but for now I think its pretty stable.

In addition to this I got Abbadon and Loken finally painted by Bearbox studio and am very happy with how the models turned out. Extra Bonus is I love Loken in the Luna Wolves Color scheme with Abaddon in the black. In addition this is going to help me out with
the narratives' ability to field elements of both the 1st and 10th Company of Luna wolves so that’s an extra bonus.
Whats Next?
So coming up next on the blog will be taking about army projects and the gear up of our little narrative campaign. We have Imperial Fists, Luna Wolves, and World Eaters to talk about soon plus, of course, some Raven Guard. Hopefully this will get us right on track and we can really get this going. Last but not least I’ll leave some photos showing the brave Imperial Fists fighting the Luna Wolves and fighting side by side with them in 2 battles we fought.

General Soban 
Signing off till next time

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Raven Guard Plans

Hey Everyone,

So as promised we are going to go over a few of the plans for my newer legion and also some other side projects that will be going on. This one will just be covering the modeling aspect and some of the initial goals I have for the legion.

The Fleet

So this is going to be the tough part but even if they don’t see use, I really want to, is have each force I build have a small fleet that could transport them. This is of course going to get harder since most of its out of print but I do have a few ships I can repaint from my collection and ebay is going to be my friend. Now I have idea that not only will build the ravens up but also expand the Luna Wolves Fleet.
For the Luna wolves, if this goes through, is going to get a few more escorts as well as a few capital ships. For the escorts am going to try and get 6 cobra class destroyers to give the fleet some punch. In addition to this the capital ships are going to get both a strike cruiser and a battle barge to really increase the fire power. Hoping that not only will this make sense from a narrative point but also make the fleet a bit stronger and flexible in game play. If this all goes well we should see the Luna Wolves Fleet being a fun crusade fleet.
The Ravens are not being ignored though and will be getting some ships.  The fleet it going to be built around a single strike cruiser since the Raven Guard will be a small detachment. In addition to this they will have 3 cobras which are enough to escort the strike cruiser as well as have a single recon ship. I think this will work since for me I'm going to be building, at most, a company strength force who would support my luna wolves. This will be just enough to field the Ravens if I need to and I think fits with what I want to go with.

Raven Guard Company

So as I talked about in the previous post, I will be building a Raven Guard Force. I picked this since I need something that will be able to not only work with my Luna Wolves but, since I think I can build them fluffy. also have a change from my Mechanized Force. The legion rules force me to change my build pattern as well since I can’t take more tanks then I have infantry. With that in mind, this is going to be interesting but I think I’ve come up with a good starting idea that fits my play style and my idea of a Raven Guard Force.
The main bulk of the force is going to initially be a drop pod assault force. This is a favored tactic of the Ravens Guard for their surgical strikes and this is very different from my Wolves. The extra benefit is if I don’t paint the droppods a single legion scheme I can run them in any legions I have or plan to have, so this is a extra boost on that front. Lastly this is going to be a major change from my play style since I will have to focus more on drop locations as well as getting a good balance with speed and fire power instead of relying on the heavy tanks I normally use.

So lets get on to the initial 1000 points I want for this army.
Legion Praetor
Iron Halo
Raven Talons
Digital Weapons 
Melta bomb 
Tactical Squad (10)
Power Fist
Tactical Squad (10)
Power Fist
Mor Deythan (8)
8 Combi Meltas
Drop Pod
Javelin Speeder

So looking at this list by itself, we have some strengths and we have some weaknesses in the army. With a total model count of 29 its not the high count of infantry, the other thing is only half will be on the table so if I am against a gun line I might have some issues. I think the anti tank is ok with the Mor Deythan being the primary anti tank for the initial drop and the Javelin flowing up. The armies close combat won’t be too bad but not as strong as my wolves and how I normally equip them but I think that will be ok.
So since I am going with smaller force I will need to build this up in particular way. I hope to keep the army mostly Mark IV and, of course, Mk VI since they were more advanced as well as built more for stealth. If the 30k Plastics are true this will help it out otherwise this will be a bit more slow going. Also for paint scheme I am going to keep it more in line with the lore compared to the wolves including sergeant markings and officer markings so hopefully this will look great. Hoping with these 2 things it will look amazing dropping down next to the wolves.
So that’s the project plans for now and once it starts rolling I will let you know here with photos as usual. As always stay tuned for more 30k and keep gaming my friends!

General Soban 
Signing off till next time

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Finally Post 26

Hey everyone,

First off I want to say I'm sorry for the no blog posts in September. Me and the girlfriend both got sick and we kinda of slacked off to take some time to rest up and enjoy September together with our mutual colds. With that in mind we got some exciting stuff that I want to talk about and also get some ideas from everyone.

Luna Wolves

So we have some progress on the army and some new stuff has come in. First off the Sicarans are almost done and just need some finishing touches on them and the weapons magnetized. Despite not being fully painted I’ve been play testing the heck out of them and have to say these are some of the best weapon systems I’ve ever seen for the marines and for any other future legions this may be one of the must buys. When I get these guys finished I’ll be posting them up in all their glory.
Second up, the Spartan and Typhon have been started up though their slow going. I have to say the treads are a tough build but it looks like forgeworld may have fixed this. There has been pictures circling the net showing off the new Spartan treads and I have to say I love forgeworld for listening to the feedback and taking action. Only thing that is a downer is it may make it harder for putting custom treads but we will see how much this deters people.

(Image from the 30k Forums)

Last but not least I got a few new models that I’ve been wanting  to get and its none other then Abaddon and Loken. I’ve been waiting since the start of the project to get these models and well I have them finally and can’t wait to get them done up. In addition I got the limited edition Centurion that came out in September and looking forward to making him up as a captain of another company with the legion. So we still got some big projects left on the table for the Luna Wolves.
Second Legion Project.

So I hit a bump in the road with both the Emperors Children and the Ultramarines. So when going to the drawing board I found my self going pretty much how my Luna wolves went with the design and the feedback that’s gone into it. Despite both legions being unique with their own flavor, for me I would want to design them in that combined arms with Spartans, Land Raiders, Sicarans, and of course lots of Rhinos and Tactical Squads. I thought this wouldn’t do and though I'm not stopping from one day having these legions, I wanted to go a different route.
The route I want to go is with the Raven Guard. Highly mobile, infiltrators, and with a draw back of unable to take more tanks then infantry I thought this would be a good starting pointing to go with the design. With this in mind I'm going to build a drop force with lots of skimmers and, depending if I can pick them up some how cheap, jet bikes. This also fits my play stay since I love highly mobile forces and I’ve been a fan of the legion way back in 3rd edition.
I’ll post in a few days with a few ideas for building plans for the army so stayed tuned for that.

So with real life getting in the way I wasn’t able to begin the great crusade campaign I wanted to fight out in September but I have some good news. In November a few of the locals and my self will be starting up a 30k Campaign in the Heresy over a small system. Not only will this be great for the blog but I hope it will get a few more locals into the 30k game system and bring some more fun into the hobby. Though with this I have another debate and I'm hoping the viewers of the blog will help me out.
So the debate with the campaign and not only getting me revved up for it is I want to do a slight world wide campaign. What I would like to do is either using the website or the wonderful wiki  , or maybe if I'm crazy enough to try and do both and we'll get you the viewer involved building a story that will decide the fate of billions. Not only will this have 30k just by itself but I hope that we will also see some battle fleet gothic fighting it out in the orbits of the worlds showing that the heresy was a total war. So what I need is to hear some feedback and let me know if you think we should get on this and get going with a battle and fighting it out across the stars.

As always, I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more information!
General Soban 
Signing off till next time

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

25th Post !

Hey Everyone,
Today I have a special blog for you going over a few things and a few behind the scenes of what's going on. This is also in special celebration of reaching 25 posts on the blog which am very happy and excited about since so many people have been viewing my blog and the feedback has been amazing. This will also be brief overview of a few projects that have been approved. Lets get right to it shall we !
Legions Astartes
So within the last month I’ve shown off my Luna Wolves as well as the Emperors Children and  I would like to reveal a little bit of what will be going on for the next few years. This was a choice that I’ve been having a hard time figuring out in the last two months especially with getting so close to my primary goals with the Luna Wolves. A major break in this was the fact it looks like MKIV plastics are going to be released which will really save me some cash. With this I would like to officially announce these new projects.
Now first off with the Luna Wolves, they are not done yet since there is still many things I want to add to the army and also bulk it out a bit more. One of the things I want to do is add more troop selection into the army especially with heavy weapon squads, breachers, and recon marines to really round out some options. In addition to this, I need more elite troops in terminators as well as assault squads. Lastly I have to get some special characters such as Loken and Abaddon to really make sure the character of the legion before becoming the Sons of Horus.
Second is I want to start not just one additional legion but two legions that can really give me some changes as well as give some extra characters for down the line. The one legion as I said before will be the Emperors Children and am hoping to get at least 3000 points of them including their primarch. I think this will be fun marching next to the wolves as in many stories the Emporers Children served along side the sons of the 16thLegion.
Lastly will be the legion in addition to this of course being the Ultramarines. This may become a bit larger then the Emperors Children since I already had some interesting characters left over from my mix of marines. Right now I will be aiming for about 3000 with this force as well of course including the primarch. This one will also be in the works and is still in the design stage

So here we have it 3 legions that are going to be worked on and a small growth to get the legion forces rolling. The only reason why this going to be happening is simply because of the plastic 30k MkIV sets that will be coming out. This will drop for me a lot of the bigger prices with the legions and allow me to get more Forgeworld items such as the primarchs, terminators and other great things that I just love about the heresy.
Campaigns and Fluff
Next major thing is am working on some fluff to get ready for a campaign. If you look above, we have a picture of a new thing am working with in order to get some great background info and other things I can add to the narrative I want to do. I was able to get this due to a chap on the Heresy 30k Forums and I really have to thank him for giving me another tool I can use to build a narrative. While am working on this, expect some posts going on about the 14th Companies Fluff while I build towards a campaign.
The Campaign I'm designing has had some bumps but I think soon we will be able to get some rolling. Oddly enough I am hoping that with summer coming to a close, me and some of the local club members will have a better chance to organize a narrative set during the Great Crusade. Hoping that  we will get some Great Crusade era battles and we will see some of the last 100 years before the Heresy takes shape. Now this won’t prevent me from doing battles in the Heresy but my first goal is to get some during this more enlightened time that am personally in love with.
25th Post
Last but not least, l want to thank everyone for helping me on this journey so far. This has been a fun adventure so far and from what I'm hearing, a lot of people are enjoying this blog and this has been keeping me inspired in my projects. I really look forward to what the rest of the year will also bring us and I hope I can keep bringing the fun everyone has been enjoying. So again, thank you everyone and please stay tuned for more 30k posts as we get on with our journey.
General Soban 
Signing off till next time

Monday, 10 August 2015

Tanks and Emporers Chosen

Hey Everyone,

So  I have some sweet news coming up for the army and new things on the blog. This one is going to be a bit more brief but, as always, I hope you enjoy.

Luna Wolves Armour and Ghosts
So one of the goals is finally happening and during Gencon I picked up these 2 wonderful tanks. Both Sicarans are going to give me some major anti armour that my army really needs. These are also some of my favorite tanks rule wise and model wise plus they really fit the wolfs being hard hitting and highly mobile. Eventually these will be followed up by the Spartan and the Typhon once they come in the mail.

Also what will be included into this batch is the first of the Ghosts, the 14th Companies Recon elements. Am really looking forward to these minis since, despite their price in the game, for me it would be fluffy to have a force with recon and commando elements as part of a crusade element. Can’t wait to see these minis done up and post I will them up for you.

Legio Custodes  
I got some old Velard Custodes and I think they will be a fun little side project. Until Forgeworld does some rules, I will be making a custom set just for some campaigns in the mean time. I think this will be great since the Luna Wolves did fight alongside the Emperor a lot as well as the Legio Custodes. I think this will be some fun narrative info and I'm curious, what do you think of this unit in general and what rules you think would work best?  Let me know in the comments.

As always, I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more information!
General Soban 
Signing off till next time