Great Crusade

Great Crusade

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Holidays, Podcast and WAAAAGHHH!

Hey Everyone,

Just your General’s here to talk about a few things before the holidays. First off I was a on podcast done by my friend where I was a guest talking about general hobby stuff. I also finally have some pictures of General Havoc’s Imperial Fists. Lastly have a joint project me and Havoc are going to start that will probably take the next 2 years. So lets get to it and check out a few things.
Wrong Side of the Maelstrom
So I had the pleasure of being a guest on my good buddy Ian’s podcast, Wrong Side of the Maelstrom. It’s a General Gaming Podcast with a focus on Warhammer 40k gaming and its branching off into other games. It was really fun to get into and I enjoyed the segment and you can check it out the podcast I was on here . In addition you can check them out on their facebook page at . So hope you enjoy this new podcast and will see you on the Wrong Side of the Maelstrom.

As the title suggests Havoc and I would like to present one of our projects we will be working on, the ORKS!. We are going to be creating a green WAAAAGH! To be used as an adversary force against are legion forces. This is part of the narrative we want to build and we want a general force we can use in campaigns and for random battle reports. This is one of our goals we want for the blog and I think it's going in the right direction.
So the primary design is pretty much to get a lot of bodies and Boys in this as possible. Despite being a first draft we really want this is be a nice force that is roughly about 5000 points so we can have both our legions fight it. The other thing is it's just designed to be a fluffy fun army representing 2 war bands and we may expand from here. Lets get to the design list and see how this goes. Now as a disclaimer this is subject to change depending on how our army budgets go.
General Soban’s Goals.
So before I got into the Heresy I lucked out and bought a ok amount of orks and this influenced my portion of the army design. The army focus around anything that would either be a walker or a boy unit that would charge into combat.
Warboss – Heavy Armour PowerKlaw and Bosspole
Mek – Just basic mek
Painboy – Basic Pain boy who fellows the boys
Nobs – Heavy Armour and one nob with a power claw and bosspole.
Boy Squad – 20 Boys with a Nob with Power Claw and Boss Pole
Boy Squad – 20 Boys with a Nob with Power Claw and Boss Pole
Boy Squad – 20 Boys with shoota’s and 2 Big Shootas
Boy Squad – 20 Boys with shoota’s and 2 Big Shootas
Gretchin Squad – 10 Gretchin with 1 Nerf Herder
Gretchin Squad – 10 Gretchin with 1 Nerf Herder
Killa Kan Squad – 5 Killa Kans
Killa Kan Squad – 5 Killa Kans
Killa Kan Squad – 5 Killa Kans
Dakka Jet – with supashoota
So as you can see its 80 orks with a body guard unit and just a bunch of Killa Kans. Pretty much its all the Killa Kans run first with the boys charging in behind it. I think this is will be a fun army and will be a fun project to work on.
General Havoc’s Orks
Hey Havoc here just want to talk about my orks and I have a slight change compared to my fellow generals' list. So my is focus is on getting more boys and having my main warboss just rocking a killer ride and showing off he is the biggest meanest warboss ever to walk. I will also be focusing on more boys per units and I really want to max them out. Last there's not going to be much else in the list.
Warboss – Mega Armour, Cybog Body, Boss Pole
Warboss- Heavy Armour,
Mega Armour Nobs- 9 mega armour nobs 1 with a boss pole.
Boys- 30 boys with a Nob with Power Claw and Boss Pole
Boys- 30 boys with a Nob with Power Claw and Boss Pole
Boys- 30 Boys with Shootas and 2 Big Shoota. Nob with a Big Shoota and Boss Pole
Storm Boys – 16 boys with a Nob with boss pole and big choppa
Dakka Jet- Supa Shoota
So with this army its just a lot of boys charging in with the Warboss and his Nobs rocking in the Stompa. The Storm Boys will hopefully be able to outflank rushing up a flank while the main force slugs it out with the other side. Its not the best build but I hope I have enough bodies to carry across and get into close combat.
So here we have the ork project, one we are hoping to work on the side with our legions that one day we can go against. I hope you like this and we know they're not competitive but we still want to hear what you think of this large ork army and anything you think we may want to add/change. Looking forward to what people post below.
Imperial Fist
So we finally have some more pictures of General Havocs Imperial Fists. So his force is built very much as an infantry force with a few support vehicles. It is also backed up by a large amount of terminators with a thunderhammer/storm shield set up to take advantage of the Imperial Fist Rite of War. Last thing is that Havoc will keep building it up, alongside his Imperial Fists he is looking to get some defense works and some better anti tank options to follow up with his infantry. Lets get to the pictures.

So we have another new project on our plate and we were able to have some new fun. I do hope you check out my friends podcast and like the content since it was a blast to record.  We also hope you like the pictures and we appreciate any feedback you can give us as we try new things and get more people to help us out. Just keep posting either on the comments section or on the website you may be viewing our blog.
From both Havoc and myself,  We wish you a Happy Holidays! Whatever your holiday is we hope you fully enjoy it with friends and family and as always be safe out there. Lastly even if you don’t celebrate anything this time of year we hope you enjoyed our blog and hope you enjoy some amazing war gaming.
Till Next time,
Your Generals

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